FMI Donates to The William J. Wester Foundation for Mental and Neurological Health and Wellness

William J. Wester foundation

FMI takes employee suggestions for donations to charitable organizations

Allentown, PA—February 1, 2019

The employees of FMI are asked to nominate charities which are near and dear to their heart.  The William J. Wester Foundation for Mental and Neurological Health and Wellness is a charity for which the namesake was the cousin of an FMI employee.  The Mission of the Foundation is to establish and/or fund programs for the study, education, prevention and treatment of mental disorders and related or underlying neurological disorders.  It also aims to fund programs for suicide prevention as well as to promote a revised recommended standard of care regarding the consideration of medical history prior to prescribing anti-depressants and/or anti-psychotic medications.  This charity was chosen by both Kevin Rhodes, CEO, and Sheryl Rhodes, VP of Sales & Marketing, due to the compelling employee nomination.  “The William J. Wester Foundation has a very worthy mission and FMI is proud to donate to this organization,” said Kevin Rhodes.

About The William J. Wester Foundation for Mental and Neurological Health and Wellness:

After Denise Wester’s husband, William, took his own life in September of 2014 due in part to an adverse reaction to prescribed medications, Denise founded The William J. Wester Foundation for Mental and Neurological Health and Wellness Denise wanted to help others get the help they need when battling thoughts of suicide.    

The Mission and Purpose of this foundation is many faceted.  In addition to the mission points mentioned above, the Foundation was founded to:

  • Establish and/or fund programs for individuals and/or families at risk of mental disorders and/or suicide  
  • Establish and/or fund programs to provide financial assistance and/or support to individuals and/or families adversely impacted by or at risk for mental illness and/or suicide
  • Establish and support a higher level of educational grant program to assist individuals suffering from or at risk of mental illness with a focus on individuals raised fully or partially through a legally established and recognized foster care system
  • Provide financial assistance to organizations and/or individuals serving the same purposes as the Foundation

About FMI:

FMI, Allentown, PA, a full-service contract manufacturer for the personal care, home care, perfume, and over the counter (OTC) markets.  The company offers product development, scale-up, cGMP manufacturing, liquid filling, hot filling such as lip-balms, regulatory and quality control, turnkey manufacturing, and pick and pack third party logistics services.   FMI is an FDA registered and inspected facility that is cGMP compliant. FMI’s validated purified water system meets or exceeds USP requirements. FMI maintains an alcohol license to facilitate the manufacture of perfumes, body sprays, and other products containing ethyl alcohol.  FMI is also a certified organic (CCOF) facility and manufactures both organic and natural products. FMI specializes in Bringing YOUR Products to Market Quickly and Hassle Free.


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