FMI has the expertise to manufacture and package your perfume, cologne, or body spray.  Since these products contain varying amounts of ethyl alcohol, FMI is uniquely qualified to formulate and manufacture them due to the fact that FMI has a special license to purchase, store, and use ethyl alcohol.  We have experienced product development chemists to formulate your perfume, cologne, or body spray product and transition your product to full-scale production. Your product is then manufactured by our skilled compounders in a manufacturing vessel dedicated to fragrances.  And with our modular filling equipment we can package it how you want it—from small vials, glass bottles of various shapes and sizes, spray bottles, and other creative packaging that you develop.


Fragrances are used in both the personal care market and the household products market. Fragrances use both natural and synthetic volatile organic compounds. They are composed of ethyl alcohol and essential oils which contain the organic scent compounds. Blending agents and fixatives are also added to maintain the scent over longer periods of time. These products are used to provide a pleasant scent to humans, animals, food, homes and businesses in the form of perfumes, colognes, and sprays.

Overall, the mass fragrance market is on a downward trend because consumers are seeking upscale fragrance brands. Prestige and niche fragrances are in demand and are performing better in the marketplace.



Natural Fragrances rely on scents found in nature which tend to be less overwhelming than synthetic scents. These natural and eco-friendly fragrances are referred to as “green fragrances”. Green Fragrances are trending upward as more people consider natural fragrances to be important to them. FMI has the experience and know-how to produce your natural fragrance product.

For more information on natural products, click here to go directly to the Natural Products Association or NPA website. The Natural Products Association is the largest and oldest nonprofit organization representing the interests of manufacturers and retailers of the natural products industry, which includes organic and health foods, dietary supplements, natural ingredient cosmetics, and other similar products. For a set of guidelines for cosmetic personal care products regulated by the FDA that dictate if a product can be considered truly natural, go to the NPA Standard and Certification requirements for Personal Care Products.