FMI and COVID-19

FMI is alive and well during these trying times and we remain dedicated to accommodating the needs of our customers and community at large. So far, we have donated thousands of bottles of sanitizer that we have made to nurses in our area that had no other source.  In addition, we are selling sanitizer below cost to some local senior living facilities.

FMI has made dramatic changes to our cleaning, sanitization and physical distancing procedures to make our facility as safe as possible.  Many of our employees are just as helpful as our reputation suggests, but now from the comfort of their own homes.

Check back on this page frequently for updates as we progress through these unprecedented times. We’d like to extend special thanks to the brave healthcare workers and other first responders fighting this battle on the front lines.

Zoom, Zoom!

Feeling lonely? How about connecting with your friends via Zoom conference call? During times like this it may be easy to fall out of your social circle, but staying in contact with friends and family will help you to feel less lonely and more stimulated. Not only can you chat with your friends or family (and see their faces!), but there are ton’s of options for online games and other virtual experiences.

For a fee, offers plenty of different games to play during video chats. Their “Party Packs” start at just $5 and the best part – only one person in your Zoom group has to have purchased the games!

Learn a Language

Have you ever fantasized traveling to a foreign country, speaking to the locals as if you’ve been there all your life? Well with all this free time on your hands, why not make your fantasy a reality?

You may not be able to travel anywhere right now, but you can certainly prepare for when you do! There are several different options for learning a language from the comfort of your own home, each varying in price and quality.

“Duolingo” is a totally free app that can help you learn any of 35 different languages. For a more robust adventure, Rosetta Stone provides a tried-and-true educational experience that many people swear by. Rosetta Stone starts at $199 and can be purchased from various online retailers.

Activities to Keep You Sane


Crayola has a plethora of different ways to joyfully fill your time, especially if you have kids! From arts & crafts to educational material, parents have plenty of material to discover that’ll keep you and your kids occupied for hours!