FMI is your experienced contract manufacturer for all liquid cleaning products. Your product will be formulated on a lab-scale by our product development chemists and then scaled-up to be manufactured to your specifications on a full-scale by our experienced compounders. With our assortment of modular filling equipment, we can package it how you want it including bottles of all sizes with non-aerosol sprayers, pumps and other delivery and closure options.

Cleaning Bottles


  • Dish Soap
  • Surface Cleaners
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Stain Removers

Studies by the government reveal that consumers spend significantly less time on cleaning and household tasks than in previous generations. Therefore, recent innovations have led to more convenient and easier to use cleaning products. The household cleaners segment is subdivided into surface cleaners, glass cleaners, specialty cleaners and bleaches. The surface cleaners are further categorized into liquid and dry cleaners. Glass and window cleaners, carpet and rug cleaners comprise the specialty cleaners sector. Even though efficacy, price, trusted brands and package size are all important attributes, the cleaning products market has demands for ecofriendly features such as organic and natural ingredients, environmentally friendly/sustainable packaging and packaging made from recycled materials.


FMI is CCOF certified so you can be confident that we maintain the integrity of your organic product. CCOF stands for California Certified Organic Farmers which is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) accredited organic certifying agency and trade association. CCOF is one of the first organic certifying agencies and their organic certification standards were used as the foundation for the USDA National Organic Program which made “certified organic” a federally regulated claim. Learn more about CCOF.

The Natural Products Association is the largest and oldest nonprofit organization representing the interests of manufacturers and retailers of the natural products market, which includes organic and health foods, dietary supplements, natural ingredient cosmetics, and other similar products. For more information on natural