Pick & Pack Distribution — 3rd Party Logistics

FMI offers Pick & Pack Distribution services to its contract-manufacturing partners.  FMI has the experience and facilities to distribute your products to your retailers or to your individual on-line customers.  We call this service “pick & pack”, an efficient and cost-effective method to have precise amounts of your product palletized for shipment from our warehouse to your customers.  FMI has invested in special racking systems and resources to perform this service for you — our beauty, personal care, and home care partners.

Cost Savings

When you choose to have pick and pack services at FMI, where the product is manufactured and warehoused, you will realize cost savings.  These cost savings are accomplished in the following ways:

  • Avoiding the in and out fees associated with shipping the product to another warehouse from FMI’s warehouse
  • By not having to hire additional staff that you will require to distribute your products from your own warehouse instead of from FMI’s warehouse.

Time Savings

Pick and Pack Distribution is part of FMI’s everyday operations. We utilize our expertise to process many small orders so your requests get processed and assembled quickly and accurately.

Pick and Pack Distribution performed at FMI typically reduces the time out of the supply chain by one to two weeks. In addition, you will save one to two weeks of holding costs at another warehouse.

If you were to send your products to another warehouse, it would take FMI one to two days to prepare the shipment then one to three days of transit time to get the products to the third-party warehouse. Once at the third-party warehouse, it takes one to five days to receive the products and enter into their computer system.

Contact Us or talk to your account manager to get more information about how FMI’s Pick and Pack Distribution services can save you money and time.