FMI’s Product Development Team is Passionate About Your Success in the Marketplace

The entire Product Development team has a passion for helping you thrive in the marketplace by creating products that will make a meaningful impact in the lives of the consumers who use them. We have a strong commitment to quality, innovation, learning and improvement, and staying informed of the trends in your market.


The FMI Product Development team can help with many aspects of your new product launch. Whether you have a completed formulation, are looking to improve an existing product, or just have a great new idea, our team will help see it through to fruition.  Our goal is to partner with you to transition your product from just an idea swirling around inside your head to one that can swirl around one of our beakers and eventually become a top selling product!

We Can Assist You With:

  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Formulation of innovative products
  • Established formulas to use as a starting point
  • Lab scale samples for your evaluation
  • Early identification of potential scale-up challenges
  • Knowledge of the benefits of ingredients in your product

The Process

The FMI Product Development team works very closely with your Account Manager and Account Specialist to help foster a partnership with you. Together, we explore many facets of you and your product including but not limited to your needs from us as your contract manufacturer, your retail and regulatory requi