As a full-service contract manufacturer for the beauty, personal care, home care, dietary supplements, over the counter, and other markets, FMI has the capabilities to get your product to market quickly and hassle free.  

Product Development

Whether you have a completed formulation, are looking to improve an existing product, or just have a great new product idea, our team will help you get your product to market. Learn more about our processes and our product development formulators.

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Full Service Contract Manufacturing

FMI does it all to help you get your product to market. From dedicated account managers, product development, regulatory assistance, manufacturing, quality control, packaging with the latest technology, warehousing and third-party logistics, to shipping your product to your retailers, we help you throughout the entire process. We are as committed to your product as you are.

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Turnkey Services

The entire supply chain is managed by FMI so you don’t need to worry about all of those details or employ additional staff to perform all of those duties. You and your staff can continue to do what made you successful in the first place—Innovate, Market, and Sell.

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Pick & Pack Distribution—Third Party Logistics

FMI has the experience and facilities to distribute your products to your retailers or to your individual on-line customers. Learn more about how our pick & pack services can help your company succeed.

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