FMI’s Humble Beginnings make us Value Every Customer

The history of FMI begins as it was originally named Fragrance Manufacturing, Inc., was founded by Kevin Rhodes in 1992 to provide contract manufacturing services to the industrial fragrance industry. In 1995, a random request by a prospective customer to fill bottles with massage oil changed the direction of the business into what it is today—a customer-centric contract manufacturer for the beauty, personal, pet and home care industries.

Prior to starting FMI, Kevin worked for Procter & Gamble as a manager in both their Staten Island, NY and Avenel, NJ manufacturing plants. It was at the Avenel fragrance plant where Kevin acquired an interest in industrial fragrances.

The request that forever changed the course of history for FMI was to fill 1000 units of four different fragrances of massage oils. The customer was frustrated by the lack of reliable, responsive, and flexible contract manufacturers. FMI took the order even though the company did not have any bottle filling equipment at the time. The order was filled, labeled, and packaged by hand with only a six day turnaround time. The customer experience embodied the transfer of trust that FMI wants for all customers. As a result, the customer expanded the business with FMI to include shampoos, lotions and several other types of products and is still a customer to this day.

The business has outgrown several smaller locations and is now located in a 160,000 square foot facility in Allentown, PA. Despite the growth, FMI has not changed its commitment to partnering with you and Bringing Your Products to Market Quickly and Hassle Free.