At FMI your air freshener will be expertly manufactured by our experienced compounders and packaged in our well-equipped filling facility.

An air freshener is a product that emits fragrance to eliminate unpleasant odors in a room.  Air fresheners contain ingredients which neutralize or adsorb unpleasant odors, thereby purifying the air.  These products are segmented into sprays, plug-ins, gels, candles, and others such as beads and solids.  Fresheners are used in residential, corporate offices, vehicles, hotels, hospitals, public bathrooms, and many other applications.



  • Room Spray
  • Vacuum Beads
  • Linens Spray

Concerns over indoor air quality have led to an increased worldwide demand for air fresheners.  Some factors contributing to the demand are the growth in car sales, increase in pet ownership and higher disposable income to purchase prestige air fresheners.

Contact us to inquire how FMI can formulate, manufacture and package your non-aerosol spray or solid air freshener product.