As part of our commitment to full service contract manufacturing, FMI has quality systems in place to assure your confidence.

Quality Assurance & Regulatory

FMI is an FDA registered and inspected contract manufacturing facility which is one of the ways we assure your regulated products meet government protocols. Our Quality Assurance (QA) & Regulatory department oversees many aspects including adherence to FDA regulations, quality audits, complaint resolution, and continuous improvement, to name a few. Learn more about how FMI’s QA department will provide confidence to you and your company.

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Quality Control

FMI has its own well-equipped and fully staffed Quality Control Laboratory to evaluate and analyze your products. Learn more about how the capabilities of FMI’s QC Laboratory ensure the quality of your offerings.

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FMI is registered and/or certified in many areas to ensure that your products meet or exceed the necessary regulations in the marketplace. See the full list of our registrations and certifications here.

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FMI is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in order to maintain the integrity of your organic product. Learn more about how the four organic labeling categories for personal care products are defined by the US Department of Agriculture and the CCOF and how your organic product will be labeled.

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