Personal Care Market

FMI has the experience and capabilities to manufacture and package all of your personal care products. The personal care market is segmented into the following product types: Skin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care, Men’s Grooming, Bath & Shower. Lip Balm is a sub-segment of the skin care and sun care markets. Organic and Natural ingredients are a major trend in the entire personal care market.

  • Skin Care is the largest segment and the drivers for its growth in the marketplace are the demand for natural active ingredients, rapid lifestyle changes, increased spending on personal care, and higher adoption of grooming products among the younger generation. This segment is also driven by improvements in science and technology such as the use of probiotics, hyaluronic acid, and retinoids (Vitamin A).
  • Hair Care is the second largest segment and includes shampoo, hair color, conditioner, styling products, and hair oil.
  • Sun Care products are experiencing higher sales due to the prevalence of consumer education on the harmful effects of the sun and the importance of sun protection. The trends in sun care products are the addition of anti-aging and intense repair properties to the formulas. The products include sun protection, after sun, and self-tanning.
  • Men’s Grooming is one of the fastest-growing market segments in personal care as men are paying more attention to their appearance. The growth of men’s toiletries which includes men’s bath and shower, deodorant, skin and hair care products is outpacing fragrances and shaving products.
  • The Bath & Shower market is comprised of shower products, liquid bath products, bath additives, and bar soaps.  The largest segment in this market is shower products which includes shower gels, body washes, shower creams, exfoliators, and body shampoos.

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