Beard Care

Products to care for your beard…because a great beard doesn’t just happen

As you know beards are a very popular trend among men.  You may think that all you have to do is grow your beard but they require maintenance and care including washing, trimming, conditioning, styling, and combing and brushing.  To keep your beard looking and smelling good, you will have to use some or all of the types of products listed below.

Beard wash is gentler on your facial hair than regular shampoo that you use on your scalp.  Using regular shampoo will dry out your beard and your skin which will result in a brittle beard and dry skin underneath of it.  Unless you work or play in a dirty environment or are very active, only wash your beard about 2 to 3 times per week so it doesn’t get dried out.

Beard softener or conditioner is used similarly as hair conditioner.  Apply it to your beard while you shower and rinse it out right before you finish.  Conditioning your beard will help you avoid wanting to shave it off due to dryness and itchiness.  

Beard oil is used to hydrate your beard because washing strips away some of your beard’s natural oils.  The optimum time to apply beard oil is when you get out of the shower to a damp but not soaked beard.  The warm shower opens up your pores and hair cells which allow the oils to be absorbed more effectively.  Keeping your beard hydrated with oils and balms prevents or reduces “beardruff”, itching, ingrown hairs, and split ends.

Beard balm (also referred to as beard butter, beard cream, or beard wax) is used for both conditioning and styling.  As a leave-in conditioner, beard balm is similar to beard oil so it isn’t necessary to use both. Again, the best time to apply the beard balm is after you shower because your beard will absorb the moisturizing effects of the balm more readily.  

Styling Balm facilitates styling and forming your beard’s shape.  Without it, your beard may look unkempt, frizzy, and dry.  

Beard tools allow you to train, trim, and guide your beard to your liking.  Tools such as beard & mustache combs, a boar’s hair bristle brush, and scissors are essential.  

Don’t let all this maintenance and care deter you from growing a beard.  The regiment to make your beard look awesome will become second nature and won’t take as much time as you think.